5 Solutions For NordicTrack Treadmill Beeping (Why This Happened To Me )

nordictrack treadmill beeping sound
nordictrack treadmill beeping sound

Sometimes I feel so frustrated when I eagerly step on my NordicTrack treadmill and get a beeping sound that won’t stop.

This has happened to me on several occasions, and it is also so confusing for me since I have no idea what is the main reason for this issue.

Listening non-stop of beeping sound might not be a good idea and it can affect your exercise schedule, and also your mood.

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Tracing the source

To fix this issue, first, you will have to investigate the reason for this issue.

There can be several reasons, for example, you did not insert the safety key properly, and the machine is trying to alert you that it is not safe to run on the machine now.

Besides, there could be due to treadmill safety key malfunction or  console related problem on the NordicTrack treadmill.

When you press any button on the console without a safety key, for example pressing the fan button, the fan won’t start but give you beeping sound instead as shown in the video below.

Sometimes the running belt also won’t move until this beeping sound is gone.

Normally, the screen will also display the error message or error code for you to know the exact error.

The beeping sound also happened to me before when there is a power cut, or the belt is misaligned or there is something that stucks under the running belt.

The easiest method is to pinpoint the real culprit and fix the issue.

Please take note there is a difference between random weird noises and beeping, video below shows weird noises it makes, but not beeping.

Make sure your treadmill is beeping but not squeaking or making some mechanical noises.


How To Fix NordicTrack Treadmill Beeping

Case 1: The incline isn’t calibrated.

If you have seen a truck backing up, you know that it will always beeping as an alert.

I believe that the NordicTrack treadmill implemented this beeping sound too, including raising and lowering a treadmill’s incline.

When your treadmill’s incline mechanism does not work properly, it will produce this sound to alert the user that the incline is not working properly.

Recalibrating it might fix the problem.

Calibrating the incline means calibrating the treadmill’s entire system. So, it follows the same standard procedure.

Press and hold the “stop” and “speed up” buttons simultaneously.

nordictrack treadmill stop speed up

After that, insert the safety key.

nordictrack treadmill safety key

Release the “stop” and “speed up” buttons and wait for the numbers on the display screen to stop changing.

Press the “stop” button again, then push the “incline up” button next.

nordictrack treadmill incline up

You don’t have to hold either button. This should calibrate the incline and, hopefully, get rid of the beep.

Case 2: One of the motor brush covers popped off.

Like any other motor, your treadmill’s motor consists of brushes.

These brushes have covers that hold them in and protect them from damage, so you might not be able to see the brushes directly.

When the front motor cover of the treadmill is opened, it looks something like the image below.

nordictrack treadmill motor brush cover

If the motor cover or brush cover pops off while the treadmill’s running, you may hear a beeping sound from the console.

I’ve seen many cases involving motor brushes and their covers, make sure the motor cover does not pop off.

nordictrack treadmill front motor cover

nordictrack treadmill motor cover

If you notice this is the case for you, what you can do is pop the cover back in place.

But unplug the treadmill first to avoid electric shock when you accidentally touch a charged motor component, or its internal transformer.

unplug nordictrack treadmill

If this doesn’t work, the motor control board or a loose connection behind the console might have triggered the beeping sound.

Case 3: Loose and dusty connectors

Sometimes, a beeping sound from your treadmill may indicate a connection issue.

If basic troubleshooting fails, I usually check the connector to the side of the console to see if it’s loose or dirty.

nordictrack treadmill dust

A dust buildup within the connectors can mess up the flow of signal and power, which the machine can mistake for an error, setting off a beeping sound.

Sometimes, the connection is loose.

What I do to fix this is clean the connector with special contact cleaners that I use with all of my electronics in the house.

They are typical machine cleaning products you can order from Amazon.

And when I clean this connector, I go the extra mile to clean the whole machine all together to fix all potential problems, and also keep my treadmill clean.

Case 4: Worn or damaged ribbon cables

If you look at the back of your treadmill console, it normally consists of a connector which connects and transmits electrical signal from the motor to the console display.

nordictrack treadmill ribbon connector

The ribbon cables and the connector play an important role in transmitting data and electrical signals between the different components of the console, such as the display screen, the control buttons, and any other sensors or input devices.

This is normally due to worn out of cable, as the machine “getting aged”.

You might also be interested to check the year where your NordicTrack treadmill was made.

If this cable worns out or not being connected properly, it will interrupt the transmission of electrical signal.

In this case, the system will start to beep to alert user that something is wrong.

If you confirm that the cable or connector is not working, please consider repairing or replacing it.

But, one bad news is NordicTrack normally does not sell the cable separately.

One convenient choice is to replace the entire console, or you can DIY with the normal cable.

Remember to recalibrate the console/treadmill after changes are made.

Case 5: It’s the iFit’s fault.

Most NordicTrack treadmill comes with iFit, which is an inbuilt program to help to plan and manage your exercise effectively.

But sometimes this iFit can cause many troubles too.

nordictrack treadmill ifit

In some cases, the iFit might set off the alarm when the program thinks you overuse the treadmill, which is quite frustrating.

The “aggressive” way to bypass this iFit is to open the back cover of the console and disconnect the iFit button.

It will not affect your whole machine program, but it can fix this problem.

I do not recommend to do this but if you believe the iFit is the main culprit and you are 100% you do not need it in future, you can remove the iFit from the treadmill.

Read this post to learn how to fix NordicTrack treadmill iFit Bluetooth connectivity issue.


If you have tried to troubleshoot but still unable to get this works, the best way is to call a certified NordicTrack technician to identify and fix the problem.


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