Sole Treadmill Weight Limit Table

Sole treadmill is another popular treadmill choice other than NordicTrack treadmill.

In this post, I will list the weight limit for each model of the Sole treadmill.

Sole fitness manufactures series of treadmill, the F-series, S-Series, ST-Series and TT-Series.

In plain words, the weight limit is the maximum weight the Sole treadmill can handle while still giving you exceptional workout experience.

You might want to know the weight limit of the specific model of Sole treadmill before your purchase.

Or you might be wondering about the weight limit of your Sole treadmill currently in your house.

You may use the “Search Function” to find the weight limit of the specific model of the sole treadmill.

Sole Treadmill Weight Limit

Weigth Limit in Pounds(lbs) and Kilogram (Kg)

Sole Treadmill ModelWeight Limit (Pound - lbs)Weight Limit (Kilogram - kg)
F80330 lbs150 kg
TT8400 lbs181 kg
F85330 lbs150 kg
F60325 lbs147 kg
F63325 lbs147 kg
F65325 lbs147 kg
S77330 lbs150 kg
ST90400 lbs181 kg
TT9397 lbs180 kg
T63325 lbs147 kg
F83350 lbs159 kg
F89375 lbs170 kg
F73350 lbs159 kg
T80375 lbs170 kg


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