What Year Is Your Nordictrack Treadmill: 4 Ways To Check

Check the Year Your NordicTrack Treadmill Was Made
Check the Year Your NordicTrack Treadmill Was Made

One of my friends asked me how to check their NordicTrack treadmill’s manufacturing year, and my initial response was a curious “why?”

I knew how to do it, but I never really thought of it until I needed to troubleshoot a recurring issue with my console.

It turns out you need the manufacturing date for various purposes.

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For example, you need it when replacing parts or doing maintenance.

Or you wonder why it is making weird sounds and squeaking while you are running on it.

You might need it to find out if the warranty still covers your treadmill if the belt is not moving or the fan is not working.

If you sell your machine in the future, buyers will ask about it.

So there’s some sense in knowing what year your NordicTrack treadmill was made. There are four ways to do it.


Ways To Check The Year NordicTrack Treadmill Was Manufactured

1. Check the serial number

Every NordicTrack product has a unique serial number. The first four digits of this number indicate the manufacturing date.

It’s usually a combination of letters and numbers, but the format on other models may be different.

The first two of the four digits I mentioned represent the year, so if the number starts with “18,” it was made in 2018.

The last two represent the month, so if the number ends with “08,” it was made in August.

nordictrack treadmill serial number

Sometimes you might find it difficult to identify the manufacturing date through the serial number.

The serial number is just for warranty purposes in some cases, not representing the manufacturing date, depending on your treadmill model.

The next step is to find the manufacturing date sticker to find out the exact date the treadmill was made.

2. Check the manufacturing date sticker

Another way to know your treadmill’s manufacturing date is through the sticker.

I found one on my unit some time ago when I needed to check a replacement part. It appears that not all NordicTrack treadmills have this sticker.

nordictrack treadmill manufacturing date

I guess they didn’t put it on older models.

Go check yours. Like the serial number, it typically contains the manufacturing month and year.

You can find it near the base of your treadmill, on the back or side of the frame.

In my case, I found it on the bottom side of my treadmill.

I can clearly see that my Nordictrack treadmill C700 was manufactured in April 2019.

The factory location is in China.

3. Contact NordicTrack customer service

There will be instances when these labels or stickers aren’t on the unit. I don’t know how that might happen, but some units don’t have them.

If you’re having trouble finding the serial number or manufacturing date sticker on your NordicTrack treadmill, or if you’re still uncertain about the year it was made, you can contact NordicTrack’s customer service for assistance.

Visit NordicTrack’s website to get their updated contact number. I prefer calling to sending an email. It might take some time to get a reply through email.

4. Check the owner’s manual

If you purchased your treadmill brand new, chances are you still have the manufacturer’s manual with you.

But if it’s pre-owned, and you didn’t ask the previous owner for the manual, you probably don’t have it anymore.

The manual contains all details about your treadmill, including its manufacturing date, troubleshooting guide, etc.

I would try searching online if I were you.

Some websites post manuals of various equipment. If you’re lucky, you can find one for your specific treadmill.

I hope this simple guide helps. Don’t hesitate to call customer support if you have more questions.


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