NordicTrack Treadmill Weight Limit: Complete List on Specific Model

NordicTrack Treadmill Weight Limit
NordicTrack Treadmill Weight Limit

In this post, I have listed the weight limit of the various models of NordicTrack Treadmill.

NordicTrack manufactures different Series for its treadmill, including Commercial Series, Incline Series, T-Series, EXP-Series, A-Series, C-Series, Desk Treadmills, etc.

The weight limit for its treadmill series is different too, depending on the specific model.

I have taken quite a lot of time to go through the user manual of each model to make this list complete.

If you are unable to find your NordicTrack treadmill model, leave your treadmill model in the comment box below and I will research and add it to the list.

Weight Limit of NordicTrack Treadmill Based On Specific Model

Here’s the table summarizes the Weight limit of specific model of NordicTrack treadmill in Pounds (lbs) and Kilogram (kg).

Tips: You may use the Search function to search your treadmill model

NordicTrack Treadmill ModelWeight Limit (Pound - lbs)Weight Limit (Kilogram - kg)
Commercial 1250300 lbs136 kg
Commercial 1750300 lbs136 kg
Commercial 2450300 lbs136 kg
Commerecial 2950300 lbs136 kg
Commercial X11i375 lbs170 kg
X9i350 lbs159 kg
X22i300 lbs136 kg
X32i300 lbs136 kg
T5 Zi325 lbs147 kg
T 5.3325 lbs147 kg
T 5.7325 lbs147 kg
T 6.3325 lbs147 kg
T 6.5 S300 lbs136 kg
T 6.5 Si300 lbs136 kg
T 6.5 Z300 lbs136 kg
T 6.7 i300 lbs136 kg
T 6.7 S300 lbs136 kg
T 7.0350 lbs159 kg
T 7.5 S300 lbs136 kg
T 8.5 S300 lbs136 kg
T 9.5 S300 lbs136 kg
T10.0330 lbs150 kg
EXP 5i297 lbs135 kg
EXP 7i300 lbs136 kg
EXP 10i300 lbs136 kg
EXP 14i297.6 lbs135 kg
EXP 1000i250 lbs133 kg
EXP 2000275 lbs125 kg
Elite 800300 lbs136 kg
Elite 900300 lbs136 kg
Elite 1000297 lbs135 kg
Elite 2500400 lbs181 kg
Elite 3200400 lbs181 kg
Elite 3700375 lbs170 kg
Elite 3750300 lbs136 kg
Elite 4200350 lbs159 kg
Elite 5000396 lbs180 kg
Elite 5700400 lbs181 kg
Elite 7700400 lbs181 kg
Elite 9500350 lbs159 kg
C7275 lbs125 kg
C 220i300 lbs136 kg
C 590300 lbs136 kg
C 600325 lbs147 kg
C 700300 lbs136 kg
C 800325 lbs147 kg
C 900350 lbs159 kg
C 950350 lbs159 kg
C 990325 lbs147 kg
C 1000300 lbs136 kg
C 1100i300 lbs136 kg
C 1500350 lbs159 kg
C 1650325 lbs147 kg
C 1800300 lbs136 kg
C 1900300 lbs136 kg
C 2050300 lbs136 kg
C 2150375 lbs170 kg
C 2155300 lbs136 kg
C 2000250 lbs133 kg
C 2200300 lbs136 kg
C 2300325 lbs147 kg
C 2255300 lbs136 kg
C 2270325 lbs147 kg
C 2400325 lbs147 kg
DESKMILL350 lbs159 kg
Intermix Acoustics 2.0TBATBA
APEX 4100i300 lbs136 kg
Z 1300i350 lbs159 kg
S 25i297 lbs135 kg
A 2105300 lbs136 kg
A 2155300 lbs136 kg
A 2250300 lbs136 kg
A 2350300 lbs136 kg
A 2550325 lbs147 kg
A 2550 Pro350 lbs159 kg
A 2750 Pro350 lbs159 kg


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