Nordictrack Treadmill Overheating: 4 Things I Will Do

nordictrack treadmill overheating
NordicTrack treadmill overheating

What will happen when the NordicTrack Treadmill is overheated?

Normally, it might not be able to function normally, or it will run for a while then stop automatically.

In this post, I will list down the most possible reasons and troubleshooting guide for this issue.


NordicTrack Treadmill Overheating

  1. Faulty Motor Fan

The NordicTrack treadmill consists of two motors, one is the Running motor while another is the Incline motor.

The main running motor is responsible to run the belt while the incline motor lifts and lower the running deck.

Both motors have a fan installed to dissipate heat faster.

As you can see from my image below, the fan position of the motors is located as below.

fan location of motors on nordictrack treadmill
fan location of motors on nordictrack treadmill

Also, I have recorded video showing how the motor of the Treadmill works.

From this video, you can see that the motor fan is running to dissipate heat accumulated.

If the fan is no longer working, the heat accumulated around the motor won’t be able to be released fast enough and the temperature around the motor would increase.

As each motor is designed to operate normally under a certain temperature, if the temperature is exceeded, the motor will stop working.

For example, as you can see from the image below, my treadmill incline motor can operate at Maximum 70 degree celcius.

nordictrack treadmill incline motor specifications

The most easiest way to identify if the motor fans are working is to inspect them.

To do this, first you would need to remove the motor hood of the treadmill as shown in my video below.

After that, just activate the running and incline to see if the motor fans are rotating as usual.

  1. Ventilation problem and accumulated dust

Another possible reason is the ventilation problem.

Is your treadmill located in a place without much ventilation?

Or is it placed in a place with high temperature or under direct sunlight?

Make sure you open the window or door for the outside air to flow in and out.

Besides, you should also inspect if there are any dust accumulated around the treadmill motors area.

nordictrack treadmill keep motors dust free

As stated above, you would need to remove the motor hood to see the motors condition by your eye.

Use a dry cloth to gently remove any dust accumulated as it might prevent the heat from dissipating fast.

  1. Belt tension is too high

If the belt tension is too high, it will create a strain for the motor to run smoothly.

The treadmill motor will need to provide more force and consume more electrical power to move the running belt.

As the result, the motor get heated up easily and causes this overheating problem.

Not only motor, due to high belt tension, the higher friction between the running belt and running deck causes the belt to get hot easily.

Please make sure you adjust the belt tension at an optimum level, neither too high or too low.

nordictrack treadmill belt tension

If you belt tension is unbalanced, it might cause another problem like the belt will slide to one side.

Make sure you adjust the running belt tension at the both sides equally, so that the running belt will remain centered.

My video below shows you how to adjust the tension to make the running belt work optimally.

  1. Over usage of the treadmill

If you are using the treadmill for few hours non-stop, the treadmill won’t have enough time to cool down.

Make sure you take a break, as the machine needs a break to cool down too.

I would suggest you can use your hand to check the current temperature of the motor as shown in the image below. (Make sure the motor is NOT RUNNING)

checking nordictrack treadmill motor temperature by hand

Alternatively, you can also use a thermometer to measure current motor temperature just like what I did before.

check nordictrack treadmill incline motor temperature using thermometer


I have listed the most possible reasons that cause the treadmill to be overheated.

The issue needed to be fixed or it might even blow the fuse if the motor starts drawing excessive current.

If you are experiencing the same issue, let me know in the comment box below.


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