4 NordicTrack Treadmill Speed Problems and My Troubleshooting Ways

nordictrack treadmill speed problems
nordictrack treadmill speed problems

I own a NordicTrack treadmill for years.

Overall I would say the NordicTrack treadmill is a reliable product but sometimes it might run into issues.

One of the most common NordicTrack treadmill problems is the SPEED problem.

As you know, make the treadmill to achieve the speed you want is important during the workout session.

Here are the possible scenarios and troubleshooting guides related to NordicTrack treadmill speed problems.


NordicTrack Treadmill Speed Issue

  1. Treadmill’s Speed is not consistent

This can be a big issue as it can cause safety concerns.

Imagine when you are running at Speed level 10km/h and the treadmill suddenly drops its speed to 8km/h, and back to speed 10km/h again in few seconds.

This is of course an unpleasure experience as the running speed needs to be consistent to keep the running momentum.

One of the most common reasons for this issue is due to the malfunctioning of the speed sensor.

When the speed sensor is not functioning, sometimes it will also cause wrong speed readings display on the console as shown in my case.

I have recorded a video, and you can see that speed readings are not correct.

I would like to point out that each model of the treadmill motor might operate differently with its speed sensor.

The speed sensor might be located outside the treadmill motor, or inbuilt, depend on the model.


For my treadmill, the speed sensor is located near the front roller to monitor the speed as shown in the image below.

treadmill speed sensor

Speed sensor regulates the speed of the treadmill motor to achieve the speed we want.

If the speed sensor is faulty, it might not be able to give correct signal to the treadmill motor.

Hence, the treadmill motor will keep running at inconsistent speed.

Sometimes when load is applied on the running belt, it will slow down or completely stop.

If you suspect the speed sensor is not working, you can consider replace it with a new one.

Another possible reason for this issue is due to voltage fluctuation.

If you do not provide stable electric voltage to the treadmill, the treadmill motor won’t be able to function correctly.

It might even lead to frequent blow fuse issue.

I do have a voltage stabilizer as shown in the image below to feed the treadmill stable electrical voltage it needs.

nordictrack treadmill voltage stabilizer

  1. Speed button not working

When you start the treadmill and press the speed button, the running belt should reach the speed desired soon.

If the treadmill does not respond to the speed button, the speed button might be at faulty.

On my treadmill console, I do have few ways to increase the speed.

The most common way is via the “Speed Up and Down” button as shown in the image below.

nordictrack treadmill speed button

On most NordicTrack Treadmill, there are also “Quick Speed Buttons” located either at the left side or the right side of the treadmill.

In my case, there are few speed buttons located at the right side of my treadmill to help me set the speed I want faster.

nordictrack treadmill quick speed buttons

You may try to press on the various speed buttons to test if a single speed button is in trouble or the entire speed buttons on the console are not working.

If there is only one speed button is not working, it could be due wire connection problem to that single speed button.

What you can do in this case is to remove the console cover and check whether the wire connection to that speed button is tight and secured as shown in the image below:

nordictrack treadmill speed button wire connection

If ALL the buttons on the console are not working, the entire console board or the treadmill’s electrical board might be malfunctioning.

I used to hire an technician to fix some treadmill issues for me, and he said that the buttons are the part with most faulty due to our sweat penetrating through the gap between button and damage  the electrical circuit behind the console.

He suggested me to apply a simple transparent cellphone tape on the buttons to solve this issue.

nordictrack treadmill stop button covered with transparent cellophane tape

I did follow his suggestion and the image above shows my work.

  1. Treadmill speed up or slow down on its own

This can be a great safety risk if your treadmill suddenly speed up or slow down without your input.

In most case, the sudden speed up of treadmill is due to malfunction in speed control system.

The video below shows how a normal NordicTreadmill motor should work under different speed inputs.

When the treadmill not able to interpret user input correct, it won’t be able to output the motor speed the user wants.

Similarly, if the treadmill slow down on its own, it might be due to the faulty speed control system too.

Another possible reason is that treadmill motor does not receive electrical power it needs to operate, or just simply overheated.

Make sure you have stable electric power to feed the treadmill.

I always suggest to add a voltage stabilizer to avoid any problem that might be caused by voltage fluctuations.

Are you using any preprogrammed function the treadmill inbuilt?

I believe this could be the most common reason user always overlook.

The NordicTrack treadmill is preprogrammed with functions with specific objectives, like prioritize Workout Time, or Calorie Goal.

nordictrack treadmill programmed buttons

If you press any preprogrammed buttons as shown in the image above, it is correct that the treadmill will slow down or speed up on its own.

For example, the treadmill tends to speed up automatically when the session starts, and slow down on its own when the session is ending.

Or the treadmill might not be able to decline before the program ends.

Just avoid these preprogrammed functions if you do not want the treadmill to speed up or slow down on its own.

  1. Treadmill hits speed limit

If you are not able increase the treadmill limit beyond certain levels, there could be few possible reasons for this.

For example, you set the treadmill to reach Speed level 8, but it only run at Speed Level 6.

The maximum speed the treadmill can run won’t be able to more than Speed Level 6.

In this case, the speed sensor issue or the treadmill’s motor related problem might be the culprit behind this.

The speed sensor might be faulty and it won’t be able to give accurate signal to the speed control system to tell the treadmill to increase the speed further more.

Besides, the worn-out motor drive belt might also prevent the treadmill to reach the desired speed.

In some cases, the motor drive belt is completely loosened and not able to move the running belt at all.

Do check if the drive belt is in good condition as shown in the image below:

nordictrack treadmill electric motor belt

I would also suggest you to check if the tension of the running belt is too high.

If the tension of the running belt is high, it will create very high friction between the running belt and the treadmill motor.

Hence, the treadmill motor might not be able to output enough force to drive the belt.

Sometimes it might even make running belt to slide to one side  and causing the belt to curl up as shown in the video below:

You can always lubricate the belt to reduce the tension as shown in the image below:

nordictrack treadmill lubricate belt

There are also different models of NordicTrack treadmill designed for different regions.

For example, my treadmill motor operates well at 230V t0 240V.

There might be some treadmill motors designed only to work well at 110V to 120V.

That’s mean if you get an oversea model of NordicTrack treadmill that requires at least 230V to operate, and in the United States, it won’t be able to function correctly as the voltage supply from the power outlet is only around 110V.

Make sure you feed the treadmill the correct electrical ratings it needs.


These are the most common problems related to the NordicTrack treadmill when it comes to the Speed issue.

Please take note if your treadmill has speed or console problem, it would also cause readings mismatch between the treadmill and fitness wearables like Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc.

I hope you find this post useful, and if you have any questions, feel free to add your comment below.


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