How to Tell Age of Concept2 Rower: 3 Methods

how to tell age of concept2 rower
how to tell age of concept2 rower

My Concept2 Rowing machine is probably one of the most used pieces of equipment in my home.

Since buying it, I must use it at least a few times per week for at least 30 minutes at a time.

In that time, it has often dawned on me that this machine must begin to show its age.

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However, I have always wondered how to understand better the typical signs or indicators of how old my machine is.

Fortunately, I have found some simple tricks to work that out.

Check the Age of Concept2 Rower

1. Wear and Tear

The first sign of age is general wear and tear. Not all of the branding and writing around the machine.

These tend to be the points that will noticeably wear down first. It will be a very gradual process, but it should be a good indicator that the machine is beginning to age.

I pay particular attention to the electronic display unit too. As the machine is used, the most commonly used button will wear down faster and become distinctly different from the others.

Additionally, the pulling chain is the most used element of the machine. I inspect it regularly to see if the rivets look worn or out of place.

concept2 rowerg machine wear and tear

Alternatively, I check to see if there is any rust forming, which is a clear indication that the equality of the chain is beginning to be compromised.

It is coated with a rust-resistant chemical that will allow rust to form once it has worn down over time.

If the machine is starting to generate some unusual noise, I will clean the whole machine and lubricate the chain.

2. Date of Creation

The electrically integrated device also has a technical display unit which is excellent for giving accurate up-to-the-second data readouts.

This display also holds critical information regarding the manufacturing of the machine.

Firstly I go into the main menu and select.

More Options > Utilities > More Utilities > Product ID

concept2 date code

This product ID will have a very useful piece of information regarding the age of the machine, that is Datecode.

It will have a date code that looks like “1602021”. At first, I did not understand what it meant, but I now understand that it means the machine was built on the 160th day of 2021.

Effectively, this option will show you exactly how old the machine is, which is invaluable.

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3. Usage

Although a machine may have been built years before, it does not mean that it is a very well-used machine. It may well have been sitting in a warehouse unused for years.

Therefore, beyond the creation date, understanding how much the machine has been used is critical to understand how much life it may have left.

On the menu I described above, there is a ‘more information’ option.

concept2 lifetime meters

When I click that I can see at the bottom of the screen how many meters that have been rowed on the machine.

In my case, the lifetime meters are 97243.

This will give a clear indication of how well used it is, no matter how meticulous the body of the rower looks. This is particularly useful when buying the machine second hand.

Besides, you can see the date code shown on this screen too.


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