Concept2 RowErg Noise Level: My Experiment Findings

Noise Level of Concept2 RowErg
Noise Level of Concept2 RowErg

Like many people around the start of the new year, I have been inspired to get off the couch and begin working out consistently.

After some time of complaining about my commute to the gym, it was time to invest in a sturdy home gym apparatus.

For me, Concept2 rowing machine was the ideal choice. It offers a tried and tested style of exercise that can be conveniently packed and used in the comfort of my own home.

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It is the ideal machine for intense home workouts that are backed by the renowned equipment brand, Concept2.

Noise Level of Concept2 RowErg Rowing Machine

If you are worrying about the noise it will produce, yes, you should consider if your neighbors or family members would be annoyed by the noise.

First, if you are living in a Bangalow, then neighbors should not be a problem.

If you are living in an apartment, some neighbors might not be happy with the noise it produces especially when the machine ages.

I was thinking if lubricating the rowing chain would decrease the noise level of the Concept RowErg and solve the chain not smooth issue.

Concept2 Rowing Machine Noise Level Record

Thus, I did an experiment and set it on a different level of setting, and here are my findings.

Average minimum and maximum noise level of Concept2 RowErg BEFORE chain lubrication

SettingMin Noise Level (Average)Max Noise Level (Average)
Level 267 dBA71 dBA
Level 569 dBA73 dBA
Level 769 dBA73 dBA
Level 1069 dBA74 dBA

Average minimum and maximum noise level of Concept2 RowErg AFTER chain lubrication

SettingMin Noise Level (Average)Max Noise Level (Average)
Level 269 dBA72 dBA
Level 569 dBA73 dBA
Level 769 dBA73 dBA
Level 1068 dBA74 dBA

My personal experience with the recorded noise level of the Concept2 rowing machine is between 67 dBA to 74 dBA.

I can safely conclude that lubricating the rowing chain won’t decrease the noise level significantly.

The noise level might be different depending on how aggressively you are using it.

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Personal Experience and Story

After several months of fairly intensive use, I am feeling better about it. Stronger, faster, and more agile when it comes to pulling through my intensive sessions.

However, through the months of ownership, I have done what all good owners do and began to notice all the issues with the Concept 2 Rowerg.

Most notably, how noisy it can be.

At first, it wasn’t an issue, but as a began my early morning exercise session, it really began to annoy both me and all of my neighbors.

As the complaints began to pile high, so did my scrutiny of the overly zealous volume of the chain-fed rowing machine.

The noise is generated when the rower naturally spins as part of the resistance mechanism in the circular section of the unit.

Effectively, the rowing handle is connected to a metal chain that pulls on a spring-loaded resistance generator that spins as a means of making the machine more difficult to pull.

In doing so, there is an intense spinning and mechanical clicking sound as the chain and resistor work in unison.


As I became hyper-aware of the intense noise coming from my Concpet2 Rowerg rowing machine the better, I appreciated the factors that contributed to its noisiness.

More significant is the speed at which I am rowing. The more pulls per minute, the louder the sound that is generated.

Concept2 RowErg Workout

Therefore, I realized when I was going for a speed session was better off doing it during the day or just after work to ensure that the sound would be at a more reasonable time.

I save the slower and harder workouts for the early morning. This certainly pleased my neighbors, and it works as a great framework to organize my workouts.


After a few months of use, I noticed a new sound.

The is was more of a metal or mechanical squeaking, which totally took me off guard.

However, this was, in fact, my fault and not my precious Concept2 Rowerg.

As part of regular maintenance, I needed to oil the chain, which had lost a lot of its lubrication after some weeks of intense usage.

How to Lubricate the Concept2 Rower Chain
How to Lubricate the Concept2 Rower Chain

Although lubricating the chain won’t reduce the noise significantly, it can smooth the chain during the pulling sessions and contribute to a better experience while using this machine.


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