How to Clean Concept2 Rowing Machine: Step by Step

How to Clean Concept2 Rowing Machine
How to Clean Concept2 Rowing Machine

Since owning my at-home gym equipment, I have quickly noticed that it is more challenging than many people and myself seem to realize.

Most of us will only access this style of equipment at our local private gym.

I would enter my perfectly maintained facility that was clean, tidy, and well-organized.

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I was so accustomed to this feeling and sight that the notion of upkeep of the equipment went right over my head.

Gyms are cleaned regularly to prevent these nasty body fluids from grossing us out. Therefore, the same care and diligent cleaning must be applied to our home equipment too.

Concept2 Rowing Machine

I became a proud owner of one of these magnificent machines.

Concept2 rowing machine

After my realization about the fastidious cleaning required at local gyms, I knew I had to maintain that standard to be happy enough to consider my set-up as compatible.

It was critical that I was able to treat my Concept2 rowing machine with the care it deserves while delivering a spotless and irresistible machine for me as a byproduct.

Owning these relatively expensive pieces of gym equipment requires regular upkeep to ensure that I have not thrown my money away through sheer negligence.

Therefore, I have produced a series of steps to enquire that I clean the machine thoroughly every time to avoid issues like less resistance over time.

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Clean Concept 2 Rowing Machine

What you need before cleaning:

  • Cloth
  • Chain Lubricant
  • Bucket
  • Detergent
  • Gloves (Optional)

preparation before cleaning concept2 rowerg

All of these household goods are required to make sure I get my machine back to looking new.

Let me show the conditions of my Concept2 RowErg before cleaning, yes, I put it exposed to open space that’s why it gets dirty easily.

Concept2 rowing machine at outdoorThe whole rowing machine is full of dust.

concept2 rowerg machine dust

Some parts of the rowing machine getting rusted, oh no!

concept2 rowerg machine rusting

And the sweat stains! Yes, I really worked hard on this piece of machine

concept2 rowerg machine sweat stain

The PM5 monitor is getting so dirty too!

concept2 rowerg pm5 monitor dirty

And the spiders love my machine I think!

concept2 rowerg machine spider web

concept2 rowerg machine another side

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. The first step is to fill the bucket with clean water.
  2. Next, add the standard detergent to the water. add detergent to water
  3. Stir and mix the detergent well with the water. mix detergent with water
  4. I will then use the cloth to wipe down all of the most used contact points of the rowing machine. Paying particular attention to the rowing as they receive the greatest degree of attention during my mourning workouts. clean the whole machine
  5. The Concept2’s handles have a thin layer of foam which means sweat and skin cells will gently penetrate it over time. Hence why it is crucial that I give this section a lot of attention to ensure they are as clean as possible. clean the handle
  6. I then move onto the seat, which is made of reasonably tough plastic. Luckily, it does not absorb moisture so easily, so a quick scrub should be more than enough. clean the seat
  7. The PM5 monitor is the part that attracts dust easily, I scrubbed the PM5 monitor just like how we clean our phone screens. clean pm5 monitor
  8. Next, don’t forget to clean the main support beam that holding us safely. clean the main beam
  9. The wheels are very useful for us to move the rowing machine around, and at the same time, we can roll in hair, dirt, etc. clean the wheel
  10. Moving off, I will then tackle the rest of the machine. Concept2 designed a robust rowing machine that can take a lot of vigorous cleaning, so I scrubbed the rest of the rowing machine thoroughly. clean rusting parts
  11. Most significantly, I always ensure that I do not allow any detergent to get on the chain. This requires special treatment in the form of a degreasing agent. This is designed to agitate the old lubricant so any unnecessary build-up can be isolated and wiped clean with a dry cloth. This is an essential step as detergent will dislodge lubricant, and if any is left on the chain, it cannot be lubricated again easily. do not clean chain with wet cloth
  12. After cleaning, generously reply to the lubricant and wipe off any excess.
  13. It is always a great practice to lubricate the chain once a month, here is step by step guide on how you can lubricate the Concept2 rowing chain.
How to Lubricate the Concept2 Rower Chain
How to Lubricate the Concept2 Rower Chain

Ultimately, some simple tools and around ten minutes of my time once a month will guarantee that I have a perfectly clean Concept2 rowing machine for as long as possible.

Here are the snapshots of how it looks like after the cleaning process

The seat is cleaned and no more sweat stains!

seat after cleaning

The PM5 monitor looks great too.pm5 monitor after cleaning

The whole Concept2 rowing machine is now cleaned, don’t forget to perform the maintenance monthly to ensure the optimal performance on this machine no matter how it ages!

concept2 rowerg machine after cleaning


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