Concept2 PM5 Monitor Not Working: 3 Reasons (Here’s How I Fix The Problem)

concept2 pm5 monitor not working
concept2 pm5 monitor not working

Sometimes I don’t know if it is my personal desire or my Concept2 PM5 monitor of the rowing machine that take keep me motivated.

Since owning this magnificent device I have experienced a drastic improvement in my over health.

In return, I have lost countless pounds of body fat and put on several pounds of muscle.

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When the PM5 monitor fails or not start the counting, I am at a total loss.

Therefore, I have devised a guide for all of the key issues I have faced to tackle a failing monitor which I can easily follow every time there is an issue.

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Concept 2 PM5 Monitor Not Working

1. Power Loss

Most importantly and most obviously I have to always remember to ensure there is enough battery power in the display unit to guarantee the display remains powered at all times.

It is a very simple, system that requires a small battery in the rear of the display.

As per Concept2 official recommendations, you should remove the batteries if the rowing machine is not being used for more than 4 months.

I think this is to prevent the batteries from leaking acidic fluid that might corrode the battery compartment.

concept2 pm5 monitor battery notice

Effectively, the complex monitoring system requires a tiny electrical current from a disk battery. This screen will not stop working without displaying some signs of failing first.

Initially, the display will become duller and more difficult to read.

The read-out will also become less accurate when they are not picking up all of the power or meters that are being pulled when I am tugging the machine.

When these symptoms being to show I know from experience it is time to change the battery, otherwise I will definitely be frustrated one morning, waking up to a dead display unit.

So before you change the battery, let’s check the current battery level of the PM5 monitor following the sequences below:

More Options > Utilities > Battery

concept2 pm5 monitor battery life

If your PM5 monitor battery level is still high, then it is a waste to change the battery for now.

You may move to my next solutions in this case.

If the battery level is showing low, here’s how you can change the battery of the PM5 monitor.

  1. Unscrew the back cover of the PM5 monitor using your hand, no tool is needed to loose the thumb screw. concept2 pm5 monitor remove back cover
  2. After the thumb screw is removed, open the back cover. concept2 pm5 monitor remove back cover screw
  3. Remove the original batteries and replace them with two pieces of D-Cell LR20 batteries. concept2 pm5 monitor change battery

2. Connection

The display unit is linked to the internal gearing system which operates the resistance I feel during the pulling portion of the exercise.

There is a cable that runs from the monitor all the way to this large cylindrical component where the chain enters and exits.

This cable is essential to guarantee my monitor is fed accurate real-time information during my training.

concept2 pm5 monitor check cable connection

If there is an issue with the readouts on the monitor I know immediately to inspect all of the wires that are fed between the two components.

Sometimes I will just reconnect the cable and everything is working fine again.

I pay particular attention to points where the cable could rub on corners and points of connection.

concept2 pm5 monitor check cable connection ic board

You might also want to remove the cover of the IC board and check if the cable is connected tightly to the other end of the cable (IC board).

When I am using the rowing machine I will generate a lot of movement and vibration throughout the apparatus which can cause wires to fray and detach.

If I notice any cable issues which I am unable to solve myself, I will take it to my local specialist that will repair them and get me back to rowing as soon as possible.

3. Incorrect Read-Out

I have noticed on some occasions that the units displayed during use show that I am going 100mph rather than the gentle warm I know it to be.

In this case, I can be sure that there is an issue surrounding the inputs being incorrectly perceived by the monitor.

This has left me scratching my head on more than one occasion, and at times wondering if I am just superman.

In either case, I know that I need to reset the monitor, which is by extension the Concept 2s central processing computer.

At times the electrical impulses can be misread which can make the reading skewed, which is normal for computers and not typically part of a more serious issue.

To reset, get a paperclip or a thin metal and look at the back of the monitor.

There will be a tiny hole at the bottom.

Take the tool and compress the button inside the tiny hole, holding it for a few seconds.

concept2 pm5 monitor hard reset

This is a hard reset function that will restart the computer as if it is new.

You will see the PM5 monitor start showing some default factory settings/readings after the reset as shown below.

concept2 pm5 monitor after hard reset

Every time I do this it gets right back on track and I can continue my morning work with no problem.

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When I learns these techniques I knew that they would be essential for someone like me, who arguably overuses this amazing indoor rowing machine.

I am happy to say that generally the machine is incredibly robust and allows me to use it effectively trouble-free, apart from the odd hiccup. Luckily, all of these issues can be easily fixed in no time.


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