How to Fix a Concept2 Rower That Won’t Turn Off: My DIY Solutions

Concept2 Rower Won't Turn Off
Concept2 Rower Won’t Turn Off

When I am on my Concept2 Rowing machine I feel like I am totally in the zone.

I am blinded by the outside world and just focus on the numbers of my read-out display.

It is the best feeling in the world to be able to achieve a productive workout.

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However, once I have completed my session sometimes my Concept2 Rower will not turn itself off.

It is almost taunting me for not doing more or trying harder.

However, I know that realistically, it is a simple issue with the machine.

This has happened to me a lot over the years so now I know exactly what I need to do to get it fixed.

I have noticed that once the machine is left undisturbed for a period of time it will turn itself off after about 2 minutes.

This has been specifically built into turning off only from inactivity rather than a standard button.

This is an odd addition but when it works it makes working out a bit easier.

Therefore, when there are issues, they can be harder to diagnose than usual.


Concept2 Rower Won’t Turn Off

1. Computer Issues

When my rower will not turn itself off as usual I can be sure that there is probably an internal computer issue.

This CPU has an automatic timer that starts every time the flywheel stops spinning, then after two minutes, it switches off.

However, if there is an internal computing loop that is taking up too much of the computer’s energy, it will not engage the countdown.

This is a very technical issue that cannot be directly diagnosed but is more assumed from the manufacturer’s troubleshooting guide.

Therefore, in this case, I always remove the batteries first to cut all power and force it to turn off.

concept2 pm5 monitor battery compartment

I will then reinsert the batteries and activate the device to turn it on.

concept2 pm5 monitor change battery

Here is how you can check the current battery level of your PM5 monitor.

Then I will wait and allow it to switch off automatically.

This is the most common issue and lucky, it is very easy to resolve.

2. Stuck Button

The input display also has six buttons that I can use to navigate menus and options with ease.

These inputs are very simple large rubber buttons that can be used easily during a workout, to make it simple.

However, these inputs with also prevent the shut-off countdown.

After removing and reinstalling the batteries once I noticed that it would still not turn off.

concept2 pm5 monitor release stuck button

I then addressed the button and noticed that one of the soft rubber compression pads was stuck which mean it was constantly sending a signal to the computer unit.

Fortunately, I could easily dislodge the button which stopped all unnecessary signals going to the computer.

After two minutes it simply turned off as usual.

3. Hard Reset

On some occasions, after completing all of the above steps the screen would still not turn off.

For whatever reason, my machine just could not activate the countdown sequence.

Therefore, I had to engage in a hard reset to hopefully resolve any potential internal issue.

In this case, I got a paper clip or thin metal and looked at the back of the display unit.

This unit has a tiny hole located at the bottom.

It is how the machine was designed to be reset if there is a serious computing issue.

concept2 pm5 monitor hard reset

So I simply take the thin metal and compress the button in the reset hole and hold it for a few seconds.

The screen will show the default setting after the reset.

concept2 pm5 monitor after hard reset

After I start that machine as normal and ensure that the screen is as I would expect it.

Then I wait and hope that the sequence will engage and it will turn off as normal.

If you notice that there is an unusual display with an error code or there are pixels that are missing then it indicates a more serious issue that should be addressed by the manufacturer.

4. Make sure the Handle is fully retracted

The last step is to make sure the handle is fully retracted as it should be.

If there is any stuck on the chain, the handle might not be able to retract completely.

I would suggest you do routine machine cleaning and lubricate the chain regularly.

This might still give a signal to the PM5 monitor that the workout is not over yet, hence the PM5 monitor won’t turn off automatically.

concept2 rowing machine handle fully retracted


Although there are some serious issues associated with the Concept2 Rowing machine not turning off, I have been lucky that they are all relatively easy to fix.

Almost always, it is resolved with a battery removal or simple reset which will get the rower back in action and working as I expect it to.


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